Watch Gay Men Freak Out When They Touch A Vagina For the First Time

Vaginas. I may have one, but I’ll openly admit that they’re not the prettiest of things.

If you’re a gay man it’s probably even harder to see the natural beauty of the lady garden. In the latest of the “gay men touching things” viral YouTube series, a bunch of brave gays take on the gateway to mother nature, and their reaction is obviously hilarious.

Our favourite – “OK, like, I’m afraid I’m going to fall in.”

Poor woman:

Content creators Bria and Chrissy hope the video will spark debate about women’s sexual freedom:

“Men are allowed more sexual freedom than women. In our society, when a man has sex hes the man, a woman has sex shes a slut.

We expected a lot of backlash for this video, it will be interesting to see if it gets the same attention as the lesbians touch penis video since there are female genitals (and a topic about females as a whole) instead of a male genitals.”

For anyone out there who is afraid of “touching vagina”, don’t be, the men all confirmed it wasn’t quite as “terrifying” as they were expecting.


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