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Monthly Archives: September 2017

If You Enjoy The Song “No Diggity,” You Are More Likely To Be A Psychopath

According to thousands of Buzzfeed quizzes, your music taste can say a lot about you. From the songs you choose, these quizzes can tell which Harry Potter house you belong to or what era of Kylie Minogue your fashion sense is. Of course, it’s all nonsense. However according to a new – more scientific – study, if you are a big ...

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Girl Puts On Full Body Peel Off Mask

Izabela Stress put herself in a lot of stress by putting herself into a lot of peel off mask. What looks like a goofy thing to do kind of hurts when peeling the whole thing of – but she seemed to have fun and already got over 600,000 views on YouTube. “OK, so I decided to put face mask on ...

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Prince Harry’s devastating photos from South Africa are why poaching needs to go.

Prince Harry’s tour of Kruger National Park in South Africa quickly become emotional for the 31-year-old royal. Photo by Chris Jackson/Getty Images. (Warning: Potentially upsetting image below). The prince was heartbroken to see the carcasses of endangered animals left behind by poachers. Photo by Paul Edwards/Getty Images. “This belongs to South Africa and it’s been stolen by other people. And ...

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Rihanna’s diverse new makeup line has the beauty community scrambling to catch up

Less than one week has passed since Rihanna released her new makeup line, Fenty Beauty, sending beauty companies scrambling to market diversity and add deeper shade ranges to some collections. Fenty Beauty launched online and in Sephora stores Thursday at midnight with a total of 40 shades of foundation from very pale white and pink foundation shades to several shades ...

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The ungrateful refugee: We have no debt to repay

Dina Nayeri was just a child when she fled Iran as an asylum seeker. But as she settled into life in the US and then Europe, she became suspicious of the idea that refugees should shed their old identities and be eternally thankful A few weeks ago I dusted off my expired Iranian passport photo, an unsmiling eight-year-old version of ...

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Little Boy Stole Moms Ring To Propose To Girl At School

This is hilarious! Little Millie gave her parents a sweet surprise as she told them about her friend from school, Tommy, having proposed to her. She even got a ring. And what a beauty it is! via: tastefullyoffensive Read more: http://www.viralviralvideos.com

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An Aerial Tour Through the Scotland Wilderness

Filmmaker John Duncan showcases the breathtaking beauty of Scotland’s wilderness in his latest film, Wild Scotland. Duncan says the film was mostly shot on the DJI Inspire 1 and for the more remote locations, he used a DJI Phantom 3 which can be easily packed in a backpack. Locations in order – An Teallach, Ardnamurchan lighthouse, Bidein A’ Ghlas Thuill, ...

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The 9 Essential Rules Of Nursing From 1887

Advertisement Being a nurse is quite possibly one of the roughest, most thankless jobs around. Nurses have to study hard to have the medical knowledge it takes to do the job. They’re almost doctors in terms of what they know, and usually provide more direct care to patients than the actual doctor does. It’s a dirty job, cleaning bedpans and ...

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