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Monthly Archives: August 2017

The Results Of Foot Binding Are Just As Crazy As You’d Imagine

They say that pain is beauty, but if you ask me, some people take that adage to the absolute extreme. Take, for example, many women from China, who practiced the painful act of binding their feet. It was all in the name of achieving a daintier appearance. Even Chinese men found the feet to be more attractive, though many of ...

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Boy Tries on Glasses That Enable Him to See

This toddler was born with ocular albinism with nystagmus. Upon diagnosis, the doctor’s revealed news to his mother that he?would be legally blind. His loving mom,?however, had hope and?was determined to find a way for his son to be able to see. After much research, she finally found a doctor who could help and provided him with some glasses. The ...

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A 4.5M Quake Just Hit Yellowstone, So Should We Be Worried?

There was a 4.5M earthquake in America yesterday. This wouldnt be particularly newsworthy under most circumstances, except this time it was centered on Yellowstone National Park famous for its supervolcano as much as its natural beauty. Right off the bat, its safe to say that there is no reason to worry. However, its more likely than not that this quake ...

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Chicago bishop wants George Washington’s name taken off park in black neighborhood

The pastor of a prominent Chicago church is calling on Mayor Rahm Emanuel to remove the name of President George Washington from the name of a park in a black neighborhood. Bishop James Dukes, pastor of the Liberation Christian Center, says its no longer appropriate for statues of American presidents who owned slaves to be commemorated in African-American neighborhoods. Dukes ...

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Everyone Needs To Read This List Of How Kindergarteners Reacted To ‘Wonder Woman’

On Sunday, Wonder Woman director Patty Jenkins tweeted a screenshot of a list of cute Wonder Woman related things that happened in one kindergarten classroom after the superhero film hit theaters. According to Jenkins tweet, her producer received the bulleted list from someone who works in a kindergarten class. Cute doesnt even begin to describe the list insanely, aw-inducing adorable ...

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Pregnant Side Chick Texts the Wrong Person and Things Take a Hilarious Turn

Buckle up, ladies and gentlemen, because this is quite the ride. An Imgur gallery posted by someone going by the username “OddOod” shows the back and forth between a pregnant woman and another person who the aforementioned pregnant woman thinks is her baby daddy’s girlfriend, but who actually is not. …AND GETS ALL UP IN YOUR FACEBOOK

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m&ms Dissolving In Water Looks Beautiful

Look at this beautiful images captured by Beauty Of Science. Yan Liang and Zaoeyo did this 4K time-lapse with a Sony A7R M2 camera and got over 130,000 views on vimeo with it. “We dropped m&m’s chocolate in water and discovered something really wonderful!” Read more: http://www.viralviralvideos.com

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