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Monthly Archives: April 2017

Ja Rules Fyre Festival Co-Founder Admits They Fucked Up But Wants To Try Again Next Year!

What a disaster. As we reported, the Fyre Festival, which was supposed to be held over this weekend on the island of Exumas on the Bahamas, turned out to be a complete Ja Rule, one of the organizers, has taken some of the responsibility for their lack of preparedness. Now, the rapper’s co-organizer Billy McFarland is explaining what went wrong. ...

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Celebrate 100 Days Of President Trump With His Biggest Lies Since Taking Office!

Time flies when the moral fabric of society is unraveling at the dainty hands of its leader! It’s been 100 days since Donald Trump assumed the most powerful position in the world — and he’s been quite the busy boy! From replacing the White House “swamp” with his own toxic sludge factory to pissing off the very foreign power that’s ...

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Emma Watson Can’t Tell Jimmy Fallon & Jimmy Kimmel Apart!

Emma Watson had a perfectly lovely interview with Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show — this time! But the last time she was on, back in 2012 to promote The Perks Of Being A Wallflower, it was awkward city! On Thursday night’s show, the Beauty and the Beast star recounted the story of her first interview with Fallon: “I just ...

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10+ Funny Examples Of Pareidolia In Everyday Objects

Share your pictures of pareidolia with us! #1 Everyone Calm The F*ck Down #3 Floor Of Dogs #5 Dude In Martini Has Had Too Much To Drink #7 I Climbed Down A Very Dangerous And Muddy Hill To Take This Shitty, Blurry Photo, So Please Enjoy The Cookie Monster Face I Found Along The Mississippi River #10 My Daughter’s Suitcase ...

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China’s all-girl boy band

(CNN)Made up of all girls, this “boy band” is the latest in the androgyny trend in China. “We’re a girl band. But we look more like beautiful young men, not young girls,” said band member Min Junqian. “So the positioning fits us more. “ Their promotional photos present the five girls ages 18 to 24 in short hair, ties with ...

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It Took Me One Year To Make Unimaginable Bar With My Own Hands

I’m Alexey Steshak and everybody says that I’m a mad decorator. I believe them because I create a really WOW projects with my own hands. Today I’m going to show you my new project – Black Bar, Altai Republic, Russia. It took me one year to make it, because I did everything with my own hands. I worked in different ...

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Tunnels to the sky: Photographer captures Italy’s hidden courtyards

(CNN)Photographer Seth Vane, in his mesmerizing series Tunnels to the sky, captured perfect symmetry of these piazzas and the peaceful reverie they inspire. He didn’t get the portrait, but he did turn his lens on the sharp geometry of the piazza, replete with towering windows stretching up to the sky. On subsequent trips throughRome,Veniceand Genoa, he replicated his experiment by ...

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She had always identified as mixed-race. Her DNA results changed that.

When Shayna Watson decided to get a AncestryDNA test to reveal her ancestry on her 30th birthday, she had a certain idea of what the results would look like. “I expected to see African, I expected to see a little bit of European, just based on colonization, and I definitely expected to see at least a little Native American,” she ...

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