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Monthly Archives: January 2017

10+ Of The Worlds Best Drone Photos, Selected From 27,000 Entries

SkyPixel is a growing aerial photography platform, and it received 27,000 entries to its 2016 competition. It was open to both professional and amateur photographers, and was divided into three categories: 360, Beauty, and Drones in Use. Scroll down to check out who won and upvote the ones you liked best! #1 Exploration, First Prize In Professional Beauty Category Read ...

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When Love Leaves

Let it slip out the back door quietly, or let it smash the windows loudly. Tell it you hope it comes back soon. Tell it you’re grateful, remind it of the beauty it conveys and the growth it’s founded on. . Cry on the floor and sob to your mother until you simply have no more moments left to mourn. ...

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Wife Keeps Her Plain Hairstyle For 20 Years, Then Husband Buys Her A Makeover

When you think about it, stylists are much more talented than some of us give them credit for. Without them, many of us wouldn’t see or realize our full potential. Their knowledge ofhair, makeup, and wardrobe isn’teasily attainable. Because then we’d all be walking around looking perfect all the time, wouldn’t we? Stylists have the power and knowledge to make ...

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Sierra Leone enters Miss Universe competition for the first time

(CNN)Hawa Kamara will make history today as the first women from Sierra Leone to enter the Miss Universe beauty pageant. Blood diamonds, civil war and then an Ebola crisis have all held the West Africa nation of 6.1 million people back in recent decades, but Sierra Leone is now experiencing economic growth and ready to show the world it’s open ...

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I Quit My Job To Follow My Passion For Photography And Document My Daughters Lives

I’m so happy to be able to pass on through photography what I live every day, what happens around me. My way in life doesn’t have a final destination anymore, but a mere direction that guides me. It is such a nice chaos, though harmonious. My daughters are my favorite subjects, they helped move forward and together we discovered the ...

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Disney Releases New Beauty And The Beast Character Posters And Theyll Come To Life If You Click On Them

Disney has released posters for every important character in the film. Just in case you didn’t know, that would be Emma Watson as Belle, Emma Thompson as Mrs. Potts, Ewan McGregor as Lumière, Ian McKellen as Cogsworth, Audra McDonald as Garderobe, Stanley Tucci as Cadenza, and others. You can check out the posters featuring every single important Beauty and the ...

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After Years Of Never Knowing What To Do With Makeup, These Lazy Girl Products Are Now My Staples

The world of makeup is immense. Every day we are introduced to new products, formulas, trends, and colors. When it comes to makeup, whether you are a newbie, someone who sticks to basics, a dedicated enthusiast (like me), or advanced, first you have to start with good skin. Some of us are gifted with good skin, while some of us ...

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It Was Just A Crumbling 1800s Chapel Until They Transformed It Into A Gorgeous, Modern Home

On a long, winding street in the English countryside, there’s an old stone church. The 19th century chapel is small and humble-looking, and for a long time, it lay forgotten in the town of Forest-in-Teesdale in County Durham in the U.K., just waiting for someone to remember it. Luckily, someone recognized its charm and its beauty, and wanted to bring ...

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12 Things You Need To Stop Doing To Your Bikini Line

Whether or not it’s bikini season, many women spend hours of shower time devoted to perfecting their bikini line. Some women choose to completely leave that area alone, while others get rid of every last hair. It can be uncomfortable to talk about your hair “down there,” but most women have tried hair removal at some point, so it’s important ...

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