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Monthly Archives: June 2016

Bam, pow, ker-ching! How Scarlett Johansson became box office queen

Shes made several critically adored films and has an unmistakeable voice but its action movies, and her role as Black Widow, where the actor rules the roost When it comes to box office figures, a newly released ranking of the highest-grossing movie stars of all time, Smith only makes 24th place. Johansson, meanwhile, is ranked 10th, her films having made ...

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Benedict endorses Pope Francis in unprecedented Vatican ceremony

Backing from retired pope at event to mark his 65th year as a priest may help Francis gain favour among church conservatives Benedict XVI has endorsed Pope Franciss ministry in an unprecedented Vatican ceremony featuring a reigning pontiff honouring a retired one on the 65th anniversary of his ordination as a priest. The ceremony in the Clementine Hall of the ...

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Why The Shallows is better than The Birds

Both films are about brutal nature versus a vulnerable blonde but while the Hitchcock classic pitilessly punishes the woman, in The Shallows shes given the agency to fight back The Shallows, not only has a blond victim in med student/surfer girl Nancy (Blake Lively), but it also enthusiastically embraces Hitchcocks barely buried sadism. Hitchcocks The Birds (1963) famously uses the ...

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BET awards diary: searing political rhetoric and bloated back-slapping

As inspiring as it was to watch black people speak up about the state of the world, it was equally as depressing to see how corporate the entire affair was Ideally, the BET awards should be a sort of state of blackness an awards show that doubles as a celebration of an entire culture. If you want to know where ...

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The Texas Slave Who Conned Everyone As a Mexican Millionaire

William Henry Ellis was born into slavery on a Texas cotton plantation but reinvented himself completely and successfully as a Mexican millionaire.”> With an apartment on Central Park West and an office on Wall Street, Eliseo was, to all appearances, a fabulously rich Mexican bankerwithout doubt the wealthiest resident of the City of Mexico as one newspaper reported in 1897. ...

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J.C. Penney Here I Am Campaign Promotes Beauty And Confidence For All

The movement to accept body types and shapes of all kinds isn’t going anywhere. In fact, the body acceptance movement is gaining traction across all sorts of platforms. Social media campaigns to promote self-love are slowly but surely replacing the typical cookie cutter ideals of beauty with men and women of all shapes and sizes. The change is refreshing and ...

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Guardian journalists denied entry into Donald Trump UK event

Officials said the Guardian did not have credentials to enter golf resort in Scotland, a day after Trump called reporter for news outlet a nasty, nasty guy The Guardian appeared on Saturday to have been barred by Donald Trumps presidential campaign after a spat the previous day, when the presumptive Republican presidential nominee took offence over questioning about his allegedly ...

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Autumn Whitefield-Madrano: ‘Let people know beauty takes a lot of work’

Beauty standards can be burdens, but Whitefield-Madrano writes in her new book Face Value that being beautiful is a complex thing especially for feminists the New Inquiry. Over the years, she has written miniature etymologies and commentaries of words we associate with beauty (like foxy, cute and attractive), and documented how shes been treated moving through the world both with ...

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Beyond the bailout: searching for the soul of Greece in pictures

Nikos Aliagas is a clean-cut TV presenter in France who got his hands dirty taking photographs in his native Greece. He finds a country full of poetry and beauty even in the midst of crisis Read more: https://www.theguardian.com/artanddesign/gallery/2016/jun/23/greek-soul-nikos-aliagas-photographer-in-pictures

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